We Deliver Explosive Growth Marketing for SME’s in Nigeria

Result Driven
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We Deliver Explosive Growth Marketing for SME’s in Nigeria

Result Driven
Growth Agency


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87% Growth Rate

Our Combined Expertise? Includes


Websites we build don’t just look good, they perform, they convert. Contact us today If you are looking to generate enquiries, increase sales or maximise your brand awareness.


Dynamically target high-payoff intellectual capital for customized technologies. Objectively integrate emerging core.


Our customer experience consulting services help clients drive uncommon growth while transforming thier brands to a premium and luxurious standard.


As a full stack digital growth agency, we offer a revolutionary social media management service that is focused on creating engagement & skyrocketing your leads on social media platforms.


Leverage a comprehensive range of enterprise-grade data scraping service and enhance your operations, improve consumer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.


Compellingly embrace empowered e-business after user friendly intellectual capital. Interactively actualize front-end processes.

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We’ve received accolades for Speed, Efficiency, and Accuracy – and our reputation as a fair and honest business growth agency is well known within the industry.  Are you a business owner? We’ve got an entire cloud of solution for your BRANDS.


Get in touch lets show you the beauty of a simple conversation 

We’re constantly helping more and more organisations & entrepreneurs to get the most from their products, services & people. GET INVOLVED NOW!!!

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We deliver scalable solutions

Why Choose Edgelot

We are a high performing business growth agency in Nigeria with a strong knack for customer experience. We drive geometric growth and self-reliance to organisations and entrepreneurs while pushing boundaries to ensure they retain accurate customer empathy.

We are transparent and outcome focused. We believe in less paper, less slides, less talk and more action. Our previous project is a testament to our expertise and experience.

With each customer, we have delivered promises and with each achievement, we have realized our uncommon ability to traverse miles to exceed our clients expectations

Ejumah Daniel

Illustrator & CEO

Edgelot Insider

October 19, 2020

What is bounce rate Ever thought about the term Bounce rate ? Do you know how it affects your website and to improve it? In this article, the edgelot growth team will take you through the meaning of bounce rate and how you can improve it.  Bounce rate simply refers to the percentage of visitors […]

May 4, 2020

Customer Experience Management (CXM or CEM for short) have recently raised as one of the top factors responsible for the geometric growth of many startups and entreprises. While the processes and job descriptions of customer experience management worldwide is still very much flexible and not set in stable stones, one has to wonder what all […]

May 4, 2020

We live in a world where brands surround us. We recognize companies through their logo designs rather than their service or products. Our philosophy is that if it’s a brand, it means it’s good. Why? Because it’s known and recognized by all. Youngsters prefer to wear Nike or Reebok footwear, even if there are the […]

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Google Reviews

Edgelot has made a huge difference to my business with thier good work and knowledge of SEO and business to business marketing techniques. Our sales conversions are better than ever and we are getting more people contacting us thanks to Edgelot team.

Amaka Onah

Edgelot Digital has been a great investment for me. In the 2 short months I have been working with them, I have made back almost 5 times my investment! They are beyond helpful and are willing to work with me and tailor the advertising to my needs. 

Olumo Adegokun

The Edgelot digital team are top notch professionals and among the hardest working, most creative and innovative people – They know their stuff, inside and out and have consistently delivered amazing results to us over the past 6 months. I highly recommend their services.

William Jeff (Zelomed.co.za)

Customer Management is a priority at Sauce Pizza & Wine. Actively listening & engaging with guests who are talking about our business is a focus. Edgelot Digital’s Customer Experience System made this easy with weekly alerts emailed directly to each of our customers’s. 

Joy Osona

This will be the first year I make a profit in over 7 years. I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with you and the team. You are a great, honest, kindhearted, friend & marketing partner. I am just so happy with the great success!!!!

Zainab AHmed


Frequently asked questions

  • Why Choose Edgelot For Business Growth?
  • Who is the typical client Edgelot works for?
  • How long does it take to get work done?
  • How do i start working with you?
Why Choose Edgelot For Business Growth?

Great question. At its most basic, Edgelot is a digital growth incubator partner that helps you grow. We’ve built a growth platform that is equals part digital marketing agency, strategy guidance, business coaching, and in the future, funding.

The core of our approach is similar to a marketing agency. However, we’re much more than that. Tactically, we focus on accurate metrics, customer happiness, funnel health, and profitability.

Quite simply, we’re going to get more people through your door and maximise the revenue from existing customers

We’d welcome the chance to quote for your business growth support and service requirements. Feel free to contact us for a comparison cost.

Who is the typical client Edgelot works for?

Edgelot as a digital growth agency is built to service the unique needs of founders, business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creatives, and other professional adventurers.

Most of our clients have fewer than 20 employees, and under 20 million naira in annual revenue. We also work for founders who are working to bring an idea to life through their new business or creatives trying to sell their work.

From established brands to entrepreneurs, we work with all kind of businesses. But one thing they all have in common is a passion for creativity and innovation.

We work with businesses who always want more, who want to push boundaries and stand out amongst the crowds through bold and daring decisions. We like to be inspired, and our clients are great at doing just that.

How long does it take to get work done?

The time it takes to execute your project is completely dependent on a whole scope of factors, but we will always endeavour to complete your project to the highest quality, as quickly as possible.

We also have a long list of clients who have developed long-term partnerships with our team. We deliver our results with quality and great customer service, which means that as their businesses grow, our clients tend to come back for more.

Don’t just take our word for it, look up our google review page and hear it from them!

How do i start working with you?

Use our contact form to tell us about your business and the things you want us to help you with. After you submit your details, we look at your digital footprint by auditing your website and online presence in general.

Next, we will look at your industry and competition to get a bigger picture of your business environment. A preliminary discussion will then be scheduled to gather any additional information we might need.

Once we have all the relevant information we prepare a bespoke business growth model to drive your business to the next level and help you get the results you want, in the fastest possible way.




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Edgelot Experience

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